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About Us

The EAR Foundation of Arizona has developed several successful and innovative programs and has greatly benefited from generous grants and gifts from Vitalyst Health Foundation, The Arizona Community Foundation, The Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, Valley Anesthesiology Foundation, and private donors. Read more.



To-date, the majority of our funded programs have focused on children. Thanks to the generosity of Vitalyst Health Foundation, The EAR Foundation of Arizona will continue the Hear For Kids program. Additionally, through a multi-year contract with the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), The EAR Foundation of Arizona will also continue to work in the area of newborn hearing screening and will seek mandatory hospital screening of all infants born in Arizona's hospitals. This project will be pursued in a consortium with other agencies and organizations under the sponsorship of ADHS. Read more.



"What are the different types of hearing loss and disorders?"

"Who can I talk to regarding the symptoms I’m experiencing?"

"What are my options for treatment?"

These are all questions that individuals who experience hearing loss or have family members experiencing hearing loss ask. Part of The EAR Foundation of Arizona’s primary purpose is to provide a broad range of competent educational and informational data for the benefit of persons of all ages and backgrounds who have a hearing loss, who are deaf, who may be at risk for hearing loss or deafness or who have tinnitus. Read more.